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Tzuba Tourism

Tzuba Hotel

Tzuba Hotel

Tzuba Hotel provides a relaxing and peaceful vacation experience in a natural setting. The hotel features spacious suites that are ideal for families. It is situated among beautiful vineyards and offers breathtaking views of the Judaean Hills.

With 64 fully furnished suites, a synagogue, a Kosher dining hall, a heated swimming pool (available in the summer), free WIFI, accessibility, and free parking, Tzuba Hotel offers all the amenities to make your stay comfortable.

Tzuba tourism offers a range of family-friendly activities, including free entry to KIFTZUBA Attraction Park, chocolate workshops at GALITA Chocolate-farm, wine tasting at TZUBA WINERY, and guided tours and walking trails. 

Tzuba Winery was established in 2005 as an estate winery, which is located in the Tzuba vineyards. The vineyards are situated on rocky terraces of Terra Rosa soil, surrounded by ancient wine presses that date back to the second temple era. The winery produces 60,000 bottles of excellent wines every year, which reflect the experience of the farmers and the dedication of our winemaker Paul Dubb, who is a member of the Kibbutz. The wines are Glatt Kosher and are supervised by the Rabanut Mateh Yehuda as well as being certified Kosher OK internationally.

The visitor center is open to groups and personal visits for wine tastings and purchases. However, visitors must reserve their visits in advance. 

The winery is also available for private events.
For more information, please call +972-2-5347000

Galita – Chocolate farm

Galita – Chocolate farm

Phone: +972-2-5347650 
Website (online shop) :

Galita is a chocolate maker that uses only the highest quality ingredients to create sweet dreams for its visitors. At Galita, you can enjoy a variety of activities that include chocolate workshops for both adults and children. These workshops are followed by a video that describes the chocolate-making process, starting from the tree to the sweet praline.

In addition to the workshops, Galita also offers a chocolate bar that serves pralines, coffee, and homemade ice cream. The coffee shop provides fresh pastries, salads, sandwiches, and beverages. The factory shop offers all of the Galita products.

If you’re interested in attending one of the workshops, you will need to make a reservation beforehand by using the following link: .