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About Kiftzuba

Kiftzuba is a fun and exciting play park that covers an area of 12 Dunams, providing a stunning view of the Judean Hills. It is a family-oriented park that offers indoor and outdoor activities for children aged one to 14, as well as teenagers and adults. You can spend a full day with your family enjoying the attractions that the park has to offer.

Kiftzuba | A family experience - MAP

What do we have in store for you?

You can enjoy a variety of rides such as roller coasters, Rocking Boat, swingers, merry-go-rounds, carousels, a foam ball shooting hall, Ninja arena, Tea-cup carousel, inflatables, soft-play climbing area, bumper cars and hovercrafts, Toddler mechanized play area and much more.

In addition to rides, Kiftzuba offers exciting birthday party packages, which include access to all the rides and attractions, birthday meals from the local restaurant and a Kiftzuba T-shirt gift for the birthday boy/girl.

We invest a lot of thought and resources to create a perfect experience for you and your family, regardless of age. We conduct extensive research and visit world attraction fairs to add new innovative rides to the park each year.

At Kiftzuba, we prioritize your safety and do everything in our power to provide an enjoyable and secure experience. Our rides undergo strict daily maintenance and are supervised according to the highest standards.

We look forward to welcoming you to Kiftzuba, where you can create unforgettable family memories.